To keep things short and crisp

  • My first serious programming task on a Acorn BBC-B helped reduce me turn-around time (for the paperwork) to return a Tornado aircraft from an RAF base to German industry from 3 weeks to about 2 hours.
  • I supported customers on their endeavors to use Multiplan, Chart (PC and Mac), Word, Excel, but also Windows (everything beginning with and past Windows 2.x) or OS/2.  My training on the differences between MS DOS 4.0, Windows 2.x, Windows /386 and OS/2 1.x was well received by German dealership.
  • The team I managed provided support for the support of Microsoft in Germany. We re-wrote the code (from OS/2 legacy code) to connect a Northern Telecom ACD to SQL Server. And we built a system that was in use for almost 10 years to serve early day knowledgebase articles to a multitude of systems; the older ones were BTX, CompuServe or MSN. And I can proudly say we pushed the BTXFIF Format go-life in the German market.
  • Later on, we configured a CRM (by today’s terms) so that a Intel 486 system with plenty of memory (at the time) served my name among 6 million others within 3-to 4 seconds.
  • We supported ISO 9000 certification of the German support operation to see it not being upheld in following Europeanization efforts. But I shaped – with global peers – a good deal of the global policies that served Microsoft’s customer support from Siberia to South Africa.
  • And I established the process inventory („Verfahrensverzeichnis“) for EMEA CSS, got all (that means many) applications privacy compliant (or retired and its developers happy) and got 100% of CSS’s mobile machines bitlockered.
  • Today I am serving small and medium companies on all matters around privacy. Occasionally a new web site springs up and so far my own web site always received lowest priority; it will eventually be created if time permits.

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